Employer Brand Index™

Employer Brand Index™

We use the Employer Brand Index to help employers remove ambiguity from employer branding, employee experience design and engagement communications.

As a brand and marketing strategist, the EBI is not new.  I have been using it since the early 2000s but it is now that human resources leaders are getting closer to the marketing sciences and have found it valuable. You are in the right place, I can walk you through it.

We manage brand equity not only trendy conversations.

Have you received recruitment advice from non-recruiters or even ex-recruiters? Same thing here – too many agencies appeared during my tenure managing brands, always guessing what matters to the organization. They were sure to know what set of brand attributes to measure – none of them hits the mark because every organization is different. This is where the employer brand index came to life.

We will build your own  EBI so you can say YES to what matters, prioritize what matters most, and improve your communications.

“You have an employer brand, whether you manage it or not.”

– Estela Vazquez Perez (GPTW COnference 2014)

Who uses the EBI?​

Advisors assessing the business’ need for investment in attractive programming want to understand preferences and perceptions. This will help them calibrate the Employer value proposition and guide strategists to communicate an integrated promise.

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How strong is your relationship with the right people?

It is not a one size fits all framework. Contact us to find out more.

Estela Vazquez Perez helps companies achieve a desired global and local positioning as a top employer. She works with audacious employers to articulate a consistent brand with relevant messages, a solid plan to manage their brand reputation, and inform the design of brand-building employee experiences. 

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